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Try your program, with all the functions available, for free, without any obligation and without any limit – for 30 days!Fiscalize your first invoice very easily and only within 30 min from the moment you have contacted us.


In this demo we offer free consultancy for the New Fiscalization System, the steps you need to follow and which are the best practices of working with the Fiscal Software Programs of IVA Elektronik.

IVA Elektronik in accordance with the New System of Fiscalization has developed and certified two Fiscal Software Programs IVAPOS and RestoBar+.


IVAPOS program is dedicated for shops/markets/ wholesale points/ tabaccino/ bookstores/ kioks, etc. Practically for any kind of business that issues from one invoice per month to 1000 invoices per hour, in the easiest possible way. Including when there is or not internet available. IVAPOS issues and fiscalizes all kind of invoices, cash or with bank (eInvoice).


RestoBar+ program is developed dedicated to make work easier for Bars/Cafes/Restaurants/Clubs/Restorts/Hotels/SPAs and other business, similar to these, that have from one waiter to 200 in one point of sale (i.e. bar) but also 20 points of sale (i.e. cafe/pizzeria/restaurant/pool) at the same time. RestoBar+ issues eInvoice, also, in the case of receptions and events that are organized by HORECA businesses.


The idea behing the fiscal programs IVAPOS and RESTOBAR+ is to include in their functions any kind of business in the Albanian market making their fiscalization easier. The functionality of the interface of these two programs is user friendly and they are easy to use by any one and any business.


For easiness and reference during your everyday work, we suggest you to contact us for receiving the demo of the Fiscal Software Programs IVAPOS and RESTOBAR+, as well as, provide us with any comment or issue you might have while working daily with our programs.

You are welcome!