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Time for electronic & fiscal devices that will bring you closer to the 21st century!

26 Years of Experience

IVA Elektronik started its activity in Tirana in 1996 after 3 electornic engineers, appasionated in their profession, got together to create solutions for communication and professional engineeric services for the Albanian market.


This passion grow into a successful entrepreneurship which after 26 years of operation in the local market employs qualified professionals, covers the entire Albanian territory and holds the exclusivity of some prestigious international companies.


IVA Elektronik has as the main compass of its operations the “Extraordinary” knowledge in the field of electronics and technical solutions and computer software. The main objective is to maintain the leader position in the domestic market in the field where it operates.


IVA Elektronik aims to professionally offer customers a variety of products, support and performance. Through a qualified staff, the company is dedicated to have the highest quality service by meeting all the requirements of its customers.


The General Directorate of Taxation, within the law Nr.87/2019 for the certification of IT companies and continuing to use existing fiscal equipment, has Certified our company IVA ELEKTRONIK for Fiscal Cash Registers and Fiscal Software Programs. The Cash Registers and the Software Programs are in accordance with the New Fiscalization System ” For the electronic invoice & monitoring system of circulation”.

Some of the main activities of IVA Elektronik are:

Software development and implementation: of a of a wide range of computer programs

Fiscal Cash Registers for the fiscalization system

Alarm & CCTV Systems

Maintenance: of electornic equipment, mainly professional

Trade: in the field of Professional Electronics Products


Emplopyee Team

The slogan of our progress regarding human capital is “Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a single day in your life!”

Company’s Departments


Departament Hardware Products



Departament Research/Development of Software Programs



Departament Sales & Marketing



Departament Support/Maintenance/Service



Departament Warehouse & Logistics



Departament Finance/Accounting


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