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IVA Elektronik in accordance with the New Fiscal System has developed and certified two Fiscal Softwares. 
The idea behind the fiscal programs IVAPOS and RESTOBAR+ is to include in their functions every aspect of business conduct in the Albanian market by making their fiscalization process much easier.
The functions and friendly interface allows the programs IVAPOS and RESTOBAR+ to be easily used by anyone and any business.
In this demo we provide free consultancy on Fiscalization, the steps to undertake in the everyday processes of work and what are the best practices of working with the IVA Elektronik fiscal programs.
For easies of mind and reference during your everyday business, we suggest you to contact us for receiving a demo of the Fiscal Programs  IVAPOS and RESTOBAR+; also, note your comments regarding issues you face during your work with our fiscal programs.
Your are welcome!